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You’ll help save lives.

You will work on digital products that simplify and accelerate the process of clinical research.

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Start: Q4 2019 – Q1 2020
Duration: Long-term
Location: 100% flexible (office & remote)
Salary: 3000 – 4500 Eur


We encourage the idea of generalism in engineering. However the following minimal experience is required for your first assignment:

  • 1 or more years of experience with ASP.NET and SQL
  • Experience with any modern 
JS framework (e.g. Angular)
  • Git
  • English (working proficiency is fine)
  • Full-time (35+hrs / week)
  • Can-do attitude

About the project

You will work on digital products that simplify and speed up the process of clinical research.

Global yet local

Our customer is a Silicon Valley company with a 15 year history. You will join a team of CZ/SK engineers lead by our technical project manager. Our current team is already kicking ass on the project, ready to put you up to speed.

Diverse Work

The technical universe of the project is broad and diverse – your tasks may entail hard-core engineering on the solution core, improving the existing apps or creating entirely new applications.

We care to bring variety into your work and rotate you between assignments based on your feedback.

Well lead

The whole project universe is strictly Agile and Lean. Build automation, continuous integration and a big testing team make working on the project a breeze. Our local technical project manager is always there to help you with any problem imaginable.

Your colleagues

Our colleagues are all elite engineers who deeply care about great software. Yet, we are more than developers – we typically end stirring up old ways of doing things and bring new, positive change to our customers.

Engineer at Panaxeoex-Facebook employee
I was surprised how lean things run at Panaxeo. I get to work on brain-melting hardcore engineering problems, kick ass and have fun!
Engineer at Panaxeo
Working on the project for 9 months I am surprised how much have we achieved. Both technically, but also in shaping the engineering culture and bringing modern practices to the table. This would never be possible without a great team and a goal-oriented customer.

Other Perks & Treats

Co-founder & CTO
Our strategy? Give great engineers a great salary, tons of flexibility, meaningful projects and a happy & energetic environment to work in. Being engineers ourselves we strive to build a company we’ve always dreamt of working in.


Flexible work time

With as little as 10% core time, you are really free to organize your daily schedule as it suits you best.

Flexible location

Want to work & travel? Prefer your home environment? Our offices? Cafe? It will always be your call where do you work from.

Flexible… anything

We’re always open to individual arrangements. Just bring it up and we will find a way.

Paid overtime

Overtime is super-rare at Panaxeo, but it’s always fully compensated.


Hardware you’ll love

You fully participate in the selection of the hardware package you’ll work with. May you choose to work on your own hardware you will, of course, be compensated.

Ergonomy package

Need an ergonomic chair? A standing desk or noise-cancelling headphones? Consult with us and we will help you create the best working environment possible.


Hackathons, conferences and meetups

Staying active is our way of maintaining professional excellence. We encourage and support anything that helps us learn and experience new things.

Panaxeo Coding Competition

Being competitive in nature, we hold our own monthly internal coding contest. Interesting problems, well documented solutions and prizes for the winners.

Sharing a company

Earn Equity on our future products

We love meaningful software and work on side-projects we believe have a shot at becoming full blown products. Help us out and share the success.

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