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Exponea partnered with Panaxeo to level up their data collection SDKs for Android and iOS. We brought premium integration experience, military-grade reliability and swiftness – all that while handling millions of data points.

The Partner

Exponea is a leading global customer experience platform providing predictive intelligence, product recommendations, personalization, email marketing, lifecycle intelligence, automation and full channel automation.

With a team of 300+ professionals operating worldwide, Exponea became the fastest growing SaaS company in Europe in 2017, according to saas1000.com. Exponea is the no. 1 choice for 1000+ data-driven marketers.  Fulfilling their expectations, G2Crowd rated Exponea as the Market Leader in Winter 2019.


The Mission

Exponea’s customers get intelligent and actionable insights through their cutting-edge analytical platform. Much of this wouldn’t be possible without reliable data collection mechanisms Panaxeo implements into Exponea’s mobile SDKs. These are integrated into customers’ Android and iOS applications to collect real-time data and enable campaign features such as dynamic in-app messages.

Having started our partnership in mid-2019, Panaxeo engineers assess, redesign and rebuild the data collection SDKs to enable simple, fail-proof and performant integration into any iOS or Android mobile application on the market.

Key Improvements
Selection of improvements we have introduced so far

Dynamic in-app messaging enabling fully personalised offers. For the right people at the right time.

Since version: Android 2.6.2 / iOS: 2.5.2

We introduced a new feature that dynamically displays customizable in-app messages with personalized offers. This provides Exponea’s integrators with a new tool how to target & convert their customers in real-time.

Even moreso, we took special care to make the integration as simple as ABC; saving integrators valuable time and development costs. In-app messages are fully customizable and assembled from native components – so they not only work great, but also look & feel beautiful to the user.

Advanced SDK monitoring that integrators

Since version: Android: 2.6.0 / iOS coming 1Q2020

As the SDKs are processing tons of data, it’s crucial to know if something fails so we can act on it. This is achieved through advanced monitoring capabilities we baked into the SDKs.

The real challenge consists of providing these capabilities without interfering with any of the host application’s monitoring tools. As we believe the SDK’s monitoring should be fully “invisible” to the integrators, we had to pull off some advanced techniques to achieve this, like building our own monitoring engine.

Taking stability to the next level

Since version: Android: 2.5.0 / iOS: 2.4.0

We believe that the SDKs should run flawlessly in any environment, device and host application imaginable. With every new version of the SDKs we are introducing new ways to further act on that goal. Most of these are beyond the usual, like careful thread isolation, future code testing or advanced error interception. All of this with one goal – to further our mission to make the Exponea’s SDKs the most loved analytical integration on the market.

Panaxeo is exactly the type of partner we were looking for a long time. They are responsive, accountable and consistent in quality of delivery. The biggest benefit I see is their ability to challenge our requests in a way that the value of solution is always maximized for us.

Just some of the changes we’ve brought so far:

  • Dynamic native in-app messages
  • Non-interferent telemetry & monitoring
  • Advanced thread safeness
  • Additional 25% test coverage (and growing)
  • Future-proofing of test suites
  • Smart crash interception
  • Increased offline data collection reliability & accuracy

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